Success Stories

The wins we had applying the Standard Clearing Technology

After just 3 hours of auditing I feel so much more awake and alive.  I feel so much brighter already and like I've already got an upgrade, my thinking is clearer, I feel more aware and I just feel like I'm speeding up considerably mentally.  I truly love auditing, it is the best form of therapy I've had.

D. C.

The Basic Study Course exceeded my expectations. In a way that was understandable to a person new to studying basic Scientology principles, the course was laid out in a way that each section built on the next, demanding complete understanding before moving forward.
More than just learning the actual basics of study, this course provided me with tools that I could immediately take and apply in everyday life.
I found the most benefit in learning the importance of balancing significance and mass and have applied those basic ideas daily since I began my study. Additionally, understanding the danger that misunderstood words can pose to successful study I have found myself spending more time looking through a dictionary and making up sentences with the intention of clearing words (often times that I thought I knew the meaning of, but really didn’t) than I ever thought I would.
My course supervisor, Michael E. Salihovich, was a tremendous help from the beginning to the end of the course. Michael has a deep knowledge of study tech and has a talent for being a tough but fair coach. He was willing to spend time answering questions, always going back to the tech to help me clear up misunderstood. Whether someone aims to progress in their Scientology studies or just gain a general understanding of how to better study any topic or subject, the Basic Study Course will be an invaluable tool to assisting them in their journey.

J. L.

I started off with being a bit apprehensive of ARC SW but still excited to see where my journey takes me. After doing some very interesting sessions and general recall of past feelings and experiences, I discovered that I could have really good ability to recall, with full color, image and sound, and also experience all emotions of past times.
The biggest thing for me was opening up my mind to a whole new way of looking at things and analyzing stuff. I came to find I'm being able to focus on and analyze my life and physical world with confidence. And I know my recall is at any time very high and memories are ready for access.
I do honestly believe I will not get any worse in life, but only move higher.
Thank you Michael for your patience and experience you have shown  with me. You're definitely a great, great auditor.
Bravo, much ARC AND LOVE.

G. C.

I was shocked at the amount of changes that have happened to myself on Objectives and how I feel and act now. My awareness and perception is on another level. I have a better reality on my physical universe and my mind and body and I do not dictate how I see things anymore. Now I truly know I'm a spiritual being. As I have clear and better perceptions and reality.
Before it felt like I was on automatic pilot mode.
I have begun to observe things differently and have full awareness than anything experienced before.
I can make and indeed postulate a better way for me. 
Thanks Michael and Clearing Academy.

G. K.

I had recently had the good fortune to spend some very good quality time doing TRs. And although my job is based on communications at very high levels, I never thought I could improve myself. This is light years ahead of any other communication tech out there. My attention and intention are now on point.
TRs are absolutely a must do for all... Very inspiring journey. Thanks to Michael and all the Clearing Academy team. You guys are amazing...

K. C.

I started the course feeling enthusiastic and bright, ready to learn how to study.  However, my very first barrier came into play when I decided it was "too easy"... I skipped through the first units... Got to the first essay and realized that I had no clue as to what they were asking.  I actually hit the blank of a misunderstood word!  I had my doubts regarding this concept initially so... I applied the word clearing, even although I really didn't know WHAT word tripped me up, but I cleared about six words, and began to understand things better.  Prior to this course, I would have reread the material until I found the CONCEPT I didn't get... Now I KNOW how to handle this scenario in future.  I LOVE researching, but now I can actually begin to absorb and apply the stuff I discover, and I have the key to unlocking understanding of the topics, whatever they may be!  (Just clear the misunderstoods!)
Aside from word clearing, having a clearer view of the processes used in courses, is really going to help me build confidence for my future courses. The best thing I've noticed about this study is that I can ACTUALLY see improvement in my approach to learning (and teaching) things...

A. P.

After Grade I, I must say that the problems and the topic of help were true eye openers for me... true game changers.
My personal vision and postulates are very high toned after this Grade.
I find myself in the most powerful mindset now as I have the entire tech to understand the thing we call problems, and how to deal with them, and issue of help has never been easier to understand for me than it is now.
I clearly understand how all the grades slide into each other and complement each other.  Again, it's going so well with each grade, especially when it's used for everyday life and it is so effective.
Thanks Michael and Randy... And of course to the boss, LRH.

G. K.

I recently did the Drug Rundown with Michael.
Just prior I did a Purif RD so this was a very well timed addition.
Me, being mostly a weekend recreational multi-toxin user over the past years was in the beginning of the RD not aware of how extensive my consumption really was. The first processes were very shocking to me at first, as they unfiltered and truly pointed out what and how much had actually been consumed. As a user you tend to fool yourself and talk yourself into not having a problem and such.
Futhermore, situations and feelings of consuming and being under the influence were addressed and run out. I now can look at those moments in time without any guilt or without any craving to consume.
I deeply feel like I really closed down a chapter of needing chemicals in my life in order to cope with life or to have fun. Additionally, I feel how the life energy that was stuck in those drug related events had been freed. 
I am very grateful for the processes and for the conduct of my auditor who guided me through them very professionally.
I look forward to a more sober and brighter future!

T. T.

After this first part of NOTs auditing I'd say I feel more myself, less effect of body, less effect of any aspect of MEST actually. Just more myself, lighter, freer. It comes mostly from my ability now to perceive and recognize charge which is not myself, and which is so easy for people generally to confuse themselves with it. And it makes me more cheerful, I smile more readily and easily. This is pretty amazing for me, although I can't say I revealed some big secrets of universe but it's a good feeling. This feels as a good state to be in, very peaceful, and I got more feel and understanding for others too. But the essence is I'm more myself, and in better mood.

E. S.

While going through my auditing session today I came to cognition of how important it is in Clearing that my ethics and dynamics must be in parallel to all I'm doing. And putting my ethics along all my dynamics to be the basis of all I do, and how it's the foundation to all my wins and awareness...
I appreciate more than ever how important ethics is in auditing and in moving up the Bridge...

K. G.

Recently I attested to the completion of Grade 0 auditing, received by Michael Salihovich and  C/S-ed by Randy Smith.
I read about the EP beforehand and thought that I was already capable of communicating freely to everybody about everything. In the course of the sessions I realized however that I was communicating in a suboptimal state in the past.
I found out about my barriers and inhibitions and overcame them. Gradually, over time, after the auditing I noticed how I became more patient in listening and more balanced in outflow/inflow ratio.
Also I am more at cause than I used to be before. Communicating has become fun. Also, worth mentioning is that I had phases in the beginning where I had moments when I felt stuck and hindered in some ways during auditing. I could not always gain the maximum out of the processes. The C/S intervened with some remedy processes and a rundown. After that the processing went smoothly and more beneficent.
I am very grateful for having done Grade 0. I am sending my heartfelt kudos to my auditor and case supervisor!

M. R.

I started my grade 0 with the belief I would get a few wins and that I knew all there was to know already about the subject of communication, over the last 50 years.
Boy, was I so wrong! I learned about communication with the universe and people, the way to communicate through all of the dynamics. Everything is communicating with me, and I'm accepting communication and watching communication. I feel as before I was communicating in the 1940s and now I'm in the year 2025.
It's truly amazing feeling now, having these communication lines open to all. And feeling that I have the awareness to communicate to all, about really anything and everything...
Also my ARC is through the roof and I'm up the tone scale... It's like I had been unaware for so many years of my life how to communicate. Now I'm fully able and capable to receive and give any communication.
Wow, what a feeling...
Thanks Ron...  what a genius!

G. G.